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Are spares available for older models from Air Burners?

Air Burners, Inc. is making every effort to support all its systems and equipment with spares at reasonable costs and delivery times. Prices list for spares can be requested from our Customer Service department (Click here for the Contacts Page). For engine maintenance and repair, contact the factory or your nearest authorized service center for the respective engine manufacturer (Kubota, Deere or Perkins) or your authorized Air Burners dealer.

Can I purchase components from Air Burners and build my own machine?

No. Air Burner, Inc. only sells complete systems and spares for its systems. We do not support "home-made" machines. Air Burners machines are engineered and designed to meet or exceed applicable government regulations (such as US EPA Regulation) for Air Curtain Burners. We have hundreds of hours of testing with regulatory authorities from around the world to insure our machines are in compliance with prevailing rules and regulations.

Can I substitute the standard Perkins or Kubota Diesel engine with an electric motor or an engine from another manufacturer, such as Deere, CAT, Cummins or MAN?

Air Burners, Inc. currently uses the latest applicable US EPA Tier Perkins and Kubota industrial engines in its standard machines. However, we can use suitable engines from other manufacturers, and we do offer all S-Series systems powered by electric motors as an option. There may be additional charges for a custom engine or the electric motor option and for any special adaptations that may be required.

Dealerships: I am a heavy equipment dealer, and I also have a rental business serving the construction trade. Does Air Burners, Inc. have a reseller program that I could join for my market?

Yes, very much so. We are always expanding our re-seller network throughout the USA, Canada and overseas, and we welcome inquiries from dealers and resellers. Please, call the sales dept. at 772-220-7303 or complete:

Do you have a hitch adapter for the trench burner from MIL (pintle) hitch to standard ball hitch on my pick-up truck?

Yes, on older models, the heavy duty adapter bolts onto the trailer tongue and adapts it to a standard 2 5/16 inch (58.7mm) ball hitch. On newer models, the standard ball hitch insert can be replaced with a pintle hitch unit.

How do I hook up the electric brakes on the trench burner to my pick up truck?

Our trailer mounted trench burner (applies to all models) is equipped with electric brakes. A suitable brake controller on the towing vehicle, such as a NAPA Part Number 89241 or a Tekonsha Part Number 9055, must be used in the tow vehicle.

The proper electrical connector ("pig tail") must also be used to electrically connect the towing vehicle to the trailer, in order for the brakes (and lights) to operate properly. All late model trench burners are fitted with the new type "RV" style plug to match the receptacle factory installed on most US pickup trucks. Make sure that you follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding over-the-road trailer towing in your local area.

I would like to have a reference so I can call someone who has an Air Burners system; will you give me your customer list?

No. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all our customers and we do not participate in the exchange of any customer lists whether generated by sales or through inquiries. We do have a list of customers who have agreed to serve as references and we can arrange visits to their sites. This can be arranged by calling our sales department at 772-220-7303.

We maintain a list of our customers who are interested in mobilizing their equipment during natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc.) or bio-security contingencies (for example, "Department of Homeland Security - FEMA" programs). This list is only available to Government Agencies.

How much does one of your machines cost?

For a price range overview, go here:

We shall be happy to quote our prices to you or refer you to an authorized reseller nearest to you.
Please contact our sales department Phone: 772-220-7303 or 888-566-3900; Fax: 772-220-7302 or complete our

Mail and Courier Deliveries:
4390 SW Cargo Way
Palm City, Florida 34990, USA
Attn. Sales Department

How much waste can I burn in an Air Burners air curtain burner?

The machine's capacity or through-put depends very much on the nature and condition of the waste stream (other than the Air Burners model selected); therefore, Air Burners, Inc. cannot guarantee specific throughput figures. Provided recommended operating conditions have been met, the following guidelines may be helpful:

As a general rule of thumb, a T-300 can handle the wood waste from about an acre (4,000 square meters) of (Southern US type) land clearing work per 12-hour day or 1,200 to 1,400 cubic yards (900 -1,100 cubic meters) per day. Start-up and shut-down will take approximately one hour.

For example, an S-327 can be charged with wood waste at the rate of 8 to 10+ tons (approx. 8,000kg to 10,000+kg) an hour, again, depending on the nature and moisture content of the waste stream.

Continuous operation is possible, as long as the level of ashes in the bottom of the pit or fire box stays below about 3 feet (1.4m). Of course, the machine should never be left unattended while there is a fire in the pit or fire box.

What is the delivery time for an air curtain burner?

Typically 2-3 weeks, if not in factory inventory for a trench burner. Delivery time for a FireBox or BurnBoss machine is typically 3-5 weeks after receipt of order.

Will Air Burners sell systems to overseas destinations?

Yes. We regularly ship overseas. Payment terms are typically cash by wire transfer or irrevocable L/C confirmed by a major US bank. We also welcome inquiries from exporters. We can handle communication in English, German, Spanish, and French.

Our S-100 Series machines (S-119, S-116 and S-111) are shipped in a 40-foot high-cube ocean shipping container. Container rates to most destinations around the world are quite reasonable. The larger models are shipped on a flat-rack (oversize) or break-bulk.


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