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Will Air Burners help me to get my new air curtain machine permitted in my state or province and do you have test data?

Yes, Air Burners is the leading air curtain burner systems manufacturer. Its machines meet applicable federal and state or local (county/municipal) regulations. Extensive emissions test compiled by independent and accredited engineering firms and various governmental agencies in recent years substantiate the superior performance of our patented designs with levels of emissions and opacity significantly below usually required levels, especially particulate matter (PM). Excerpts of this test data and other test data and related material is available, i.e. HERE to regulatory agencies and engineering specialists to support the permitting efforts for our systems.

Air Burners will make every effort to support its clients with the permitting process, but we do not obtain or apply for the permits directly. Permitting in many states is usually quite simple, especially in those states where our machines have already been permitted previously. In many locations, our fireboxes and trench burners are actually exempted from individual permitting requirements, in particular for on-site land clearing or forestry wood debris disposal. Frequently, all that's needed is a call to the fire department or local forest service office asking for an "open burn permit." FireBox systems in semi-stationary applications at landfills and transfer stations require an air permit that is usually somewhat more complex. Recently, the US-EPA simplified the regulations for the use of air curtain burners considerably, as the Government recognizes the environmental benefits of using the machines and as the detrimental environmental impacts of chippers and grinders become more understood.

Combusting wood in a FireBox is a "carbon neutral" process, as virtually nothing but biogenic CO2 is released. Read more at and

As a CRADA Partner with the US EPA, that is a research and development partner, the stated objective was to expand the scope of the use of Air Burners' air curtain systems for the benefit of the Federal Government and private industry.

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