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What is the best way to transport my S-Series FireBox?

There are many styles of suitable trailers on the market from RGN "low boys" and slide-axle trailers to tag tilt bed trailers that are self-loading and unloading.

S-220 on a Tilt Bed Trailer

The S-Series machines are portable systems and are transported completely assembled. Depending on the FireBox model, they can be transported by low-boy trailer, step-deck trailer, flatbed trailer or in a 40 FT HC ocean shipping container (S-100 Series only).

How do I drag my FireBox without causing any damage to it?

Attach a properly rated steel cable or chain to the eye pad in the front of the machine and drag it with a bulldozer or excavator sufficiently powered to handle the weight of your S-Series unit. The 300 Series units weigh approximately 54,600 lbs., the 200 series 36,000 lbs. and the 100 series 26,000 lbs. Make sure there are no major obstacles in the way, such as large stumps or rocks.

It is imperative that you open both rear doors before dragging the unit, so that no soil will push up against the doors and any ashes inside the FireBox will fall out.

How do I prepare my FireBox for transport? Is there anything to disassemble?

The rear door handle should be secured with the provided locking bolt and nut, and the panels should be checked for proper positioning in their brackets. They are tack welded to the frame to prevent their popping up on bumpy roads. There is nothing to disassemble.

Can I use my stretch RGN to transport an S-327 fire box?

Yes, the RGN is a good trailer, provided the well is long enough to accommodate the entire FireBox.

S-327 on Single Drop Deck Trailer

What is the best way to load and unload a FireBox? What kind of trailer should be used?

We recommend the use of a properly rated crane to lift the units on and off the trailer. A "Landoll" type sliding axle trailer may be used without the need for a crane for the S-200 and S-100 units.

But there are many other ways to unload the FireBox from a flatbed or RGN trailer in the field. If you have an RGN, you could simply pull it off upon disconnecting the goose neck. If you use a flatbed as is most common, you could lift the FireBox with a couple of excavators or so from each side and pull the trailer away from underneath. This is also a simple way to load the FireBox again.

You could also build a ramp from dirt and back the trailer up against it and drag it off the trailer. Make sure the ramp is level with the trailer deck, so that the unit does not tilt down and dig into the dirt of the ramp while it is being dragged. Some customers have dug a trench long enough for the trailer to be backed into and the deck level and even with the ground in the back for simply pulling the FireBox straight off.

What is the usual way to transport an Air Burners S-Series or T-Series machine from your factory to my landfill or place of business?

S-217 Transported by Dual Sliding Axle Landoll Trailer

You would contract with a common carrier to have the S-Series machine (Dimensions & Weight Table) picked up by a drop-deck, low-boy trailer or RGN trailer. The trucker will usually take care of all the loading, rigging, over-size load road permits, etc.

All our machines can be transported by any drop-deck trailer, "low-boy" or suitable dual sliding axle ("Landoll") trailer (the latter usually obviating the need for a crane). The S-200 and S-100 Series units are not over-size and a flatbed trailer will usually suffice to meet the definitions of a "legal" load.

S-217 Unloading from Landoll Trailer

The T-Series units are transported by 102" wide flatbed trailer. Two units can be carried on one truck. The load is not over-size. Customers sometimes pick up their mobile units by pick-up truck. Air Burners ships all its trench burners with an installed adapter from MIL hitch to ball hitch for that purpose.

Your towing vehicle must be equipped with an electric brake controller, the proper hitch and wiring, and it must be large enough to handle the trench burners gross weight. The dual-axle trailer is equipped with electric brakes on and is properly balanced to facilitate highway towing.

S-217 on "Tilt-Trailer" Hauled by Dump Truck

We will be pleased to recommend or book for you a Common Carrier that has experience with transporting both our S-Series and T-Series air curtain burners.

Overseas (international) shipments are preferably handled by Kühne & Nagel, Inc., unless requested otherwise by the customer. They provide all logistics support, including door-to-door deliveries to most countries, as well as local customs clearance and they also handle our letters of credit.

How do I determine the center of gravity of my fire box?

The approximate center of gravity is marked on all FireBoxes manufactured from 2001 onwards.


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