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Included in this section are selected links primarily to external Web Sites related to Air Burners, Inc. and air curtain burners, including websites of Air Burners dealers and manufacturers' representatives. Air Burners, Inc. is not reponsible for the contents of the linked websites of Third Parties.

This Section does not offer links to Technical Reports or Sales Literature.

Sales Literature
Technical Reports

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Jaws Crushers, Sydney, NSW, Australia has available for sale Air Burners air curtain burners

Organic Matter Solutions P/L, Melbourne, Vic, Australia has available for hire Air Burners Model S-119 and BurnBoss

Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK has available for rent and sale Air Burners Model T-300 and others

Ring Power Cat Rental Stores have available for rent in Florida Air Burners Model T-300 Trench Burners

New Crystal Communication / DLK Engineering, (Exclusive Rep.) Air Burners, Inc. Products, Nigeria

Johnson's Enterprises N.V Aruba, Air Burners, Inc. Products, Caribbean / Dutch Antilles

Government of Aruba visits Air Burners, Inc. in Palm City, Florida (Press Release) (2016)

"Air Curtain Incinerators" - On Permitting Air Burners FireBoxes in California (2016)
Alan Abbs, Executive Director, California Air Pollution Control Officers Association

Eliminación del hongo roya en plantas de café

New tool helps in battle against Mountain Pine Beetles
by Carrie Moore, CUSTER COUNTY CRONICLE (South Dakota) - A BurnBoss Forestry Article
- May 30, 2013

EPA Concludes Disaster Debris Reduction Test in Louisiana Utilizing Air Burners, Inc. Fire Box

Preliminary Information on EPA Tests utilizing S-327 firebox in June 2008:
EPA videos HERE on streaming video server.

Air Curtain Burner vs. Grinder
Comparison of emissions factors PM and non-biogenic CO2 and comparison of economical aspects (Nov. 2011).

Stop Black Carbon
Disposal of Woody Debris by Fire (FireBox) with perfect combustion efficiency releases no Black Carbon and virtually only Biogenic CO2, making this process carbon neutral (Feb. 2011).

Woody Debris Cleanup of Beaches, Rivers, Canals, Hydro Dam Reservoirs
FireBox for Woody Waterborne Debris Cleanup
FireBox for Woody Tsunami Debris Cleanup


Air Curtain Burners can Reduce Environmental and Health Impacts of
Forestry Burn-offs (Tasmania, Australia)

Third Party Leas-Financing - USA and Canada

Northland Capital (St. Cloud, Minnesota)
Equipment Leasing and Financing of Air Burners, Inc. Machines

YOU TUBE Videos of Air Burners, Inc. Air Curtain Burners

Air Burners Trench Burner Set-up Guide (T-200, T-300 & T-400)

Air Burners S-217 Traditional Firebox Video (72 sec)

Kingwell Air Burners Firebox Hook Lift Low Loader for S-111, S-116, S-217 (Video 1)


US Department of Homeland Security Disaster Recovery Debris Disposal
National Emergency Resource Registry (NERR) for Air Curtain Burners
Customers interested in being contacted by FEMA to use their Air Burners machines for disaster recovery debris disposal are urged to register at this DHS Web Site. Registration is free.
See also here for more contractor information.

US Department of Homeland Security - FEMA: Fire Boxes, May 2005 (79 Pages 3.0 mb)
Use of S-Series & T-Series Air Curtain Burners for Debris Management, Disaster Recovery
2014 DHS Link (report is 3MB):

Fire Boxes Page 12 only (fast loading)

Use of T-Series Air Curtain Burners for Debris Management, Disaster Recovery
Trench Burner Page 13 only (fast loading)

Recycling Feature, FORESTRY AND BRITISH TIMBER, United Kingdom: "Air Today - Gone Tomorrow"

Community Wildfire Information Series - Air Burners S-217 firebox vs. Chipper Arranged by DDI (Grand Junction): "Montezuma County Tests Slash Removal Systems" in Colorado for Fuels/Slash Reduction

Same Article in PDF

USDA-Forest Service "Forest Vegetation Management"

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, New Mexico, News Releases about Air Burners systems used for wildfire fuels mitigation and forest fire remediation:
LANL Release September 13, 2001 (a)
LANL Release October 3, 2001 (b)

LANL Release November 29, 2001
LANL Release September 13, 2001

The Role of Air Curtain Burners in Wildfire Mitigation Fuel Reduction (Sept. 2001)

Slash, so the Forest Doesn't Burn by Daniel Simmons [Independence Institute]

Canadian Food Inspection Agency News Release About use of Air Burners S-127 to Incinerate Brown Spruce Beetle Infested Trees in Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Magic Tree Music Video (Preserve our Champion Trees: a USDA Educational Project) supported by Air Burners, Inc.
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