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We have four sections for literature downloads. For viewing and downloading you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The literature provided on our Web Site is the property of Air Burners, Inc. or, as otherwise indicated. We routinely allow reproductions in other publications and Web Sites, but we require notification. If you have an interest in publishing any of this data, please, Contact Us.

Quick Link to Specification/Data Sheets

Product Literature

Literature used to promote a better understanding of our equipment sizes and capabilities. This section includes everything from one page spec sheets to multiple page brochures.

Technical Reports

These reports include test reports, studies and evaluations of our equipment conducted by various government and civilian agencies. In addition we have included some technical reports published by Air Burners, our affiliates or others.


Video clips of air curtain burners in operation depicting, in particular a machine operating fully without visible smoke, then a load of wood waste is introduced and the air curtain is broken. This causes a momentary puff of smoke which only seconds later disappears, as the air curtain is re-established. This is quite apparent in the FireBox S-217 video clips.

We are providing links for different connection speeds, where the best streaming video playback is achieved via a high speed DSL or cable connection.

Operating Manuals and Technical Memoranda

This section is reserved for our customers as a valuable resource to insure they have the latest versions of our operating manuals. Additionally it can be a valuable resource for government agencies tasked with control and enforcement of air curtain burners. There is no charge for the documents. We also affix a QR Code (similiar to a bar code) to our machines. It can be scanned by a smartphone to directly connect to the appropriate operating manual and other servicing information online thereby always downloading the latest update.


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