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The PGFireBox units are electricity generating FireBoxes. They utilize the heat energy from the wood waste combustion process to power an ORC (waste heat generator from 100 kWe to 1 MW).


The FireBoxes are the skid-mounted S-Series machines. The S-Series machines come in three sizes. The 300 Series units have a cross sectional area of approximately 12 feet wide by 12 feet high. The 200 Series units have a cross sectional area of approximately 8 feet wide by 8 feet high and the 100 Series which have a cross sectional area of approximately 6 feet wide by 6 feet high.

The S-Series machines are portable systems (transportable by low-boy trailer, “Landoll” truck, etc.) utilizing a refractory walled enclosure. They are completely self-contained and do not require any setup or tear-down. They can be used for portable applications as well as semi-permanent applications. The refractory lined fire box allows for more controlled burns without the need for an earthen pit or trench. The S-Series units are loaded over the top. The twin doors at the rear of the machine allow for ash removal. The unit can be dragged on its skids around the site for dumping of ash and/or repositioning of the unit. The area inside the refractory walls is open to the ground.


The BurnBoss is a mobile (trailer mounted) air curtain FireBox designed for the agriculture and forest industries. It is for off-road use only. The FireBox is raised and lowered by a hydraulic system. The BurnBoss is powered by on-board Diesel engine for stand-alone operation.


The trench burner is a mobile (trailer mounted) air curtain burner, which is used in combination with an earthen pit or trench made to function as the FireBox. The T-Series unit is a self-contained trailer mounted system that includes a power plant, mechanical drive system, blower fan, manifolds, carrier pipes and fuel tank.

We manufacture two basic models: The T-400 with a 40 foot manifold and our standard production model, the T-300 with a 30 foot manifold. These units do not require assembly on site as the manifolds and carrier pipes deploy and unfold. Safety setback from trailer unit to the earthen pit is 20 feet. Our traditional T-350 trench burner is also available as a standard product.

5. RoadDryer

The Road Dryer RD-1200 is a portable self-contained system designed to be towed behind a truck, broom or tractor for the purpose of drying and heating the pavement's surface.

The power and heat for the machine are provided through the burning of #2 Diesel fuel drawn from the on board 100 gallon (371 liter) Diesel storage tank by the 85 HP Kubota Diesel engine and direct spark ignited 2.5 mm btu/hr burner system. Air temperature control and combustion safety are provided by the electronics package which monitors the combustion of the fuel to assure that the pavement is not overheated or contaminated with un-burned fuel.


We are pleased to support our customers with custom modified or designed equipment to meet a particular need. As an example, for one of our pipeline customers working in remote forests we “skid” mounted one of our Trench Burners (can be seen in the “photo gallery” model S-350), as the terrain was too severe for tires and axles. If you have a unique application please contact our sales department. We can also make slight modifications to our trench burners, such as offering a T-200 with a 24 ft manifold or a T-400 with a manifold shorter than 40 ft or a T-350 with special tires for off-read work.



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