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Air Burners' PGF-1000 is a revolutionary new method for eliminating wood and other vegetative waste, as well as clean construction debris. At the core of the system is Air Burners' patented FireBox technology which has been tested and approved by regulatory agencies around the globe. The PG FireBox can eliminate up to 20 tons per hour [18.2 mt/h] of waste material while simultaneously producing up to 1000 kW of clean, emission-free energy without the use of supplemental fossil fuels.

In addition, the PG FireBox does not require any of the costly and emissions-intensive pre-processing (grinding/chipping/sorting) of fuel required by conventional biomass power generating systems. The PG FireBox consumes whole logs, limited only by the length of the FireBox in the system (generally 27 ft [8.2 m]). The volume of the waste material is reduced by approximately 98%, leaving only a small quantity of ash and biochar that can be repurposed for agricultural or other uses.

A portion of the 'waste' heat in the exhaust from the FireBox is captured and directed to a heat exchanger to heat a thermal oil, which in turn supplies an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generating unit. The ORC utilizes an organic working fluid in a 'reverse refrigeration process' where the thermal energy input to the system is converted to electrical energy by driving an asynchronous (induction) generator. The system is connected to the local electrical grid in accordance with local regulations where either some or all of the energy is consumed on site and any excess energy produced is sold back to the utility.

Aside from the electrical grid connection, only a cooling source for the ORC is required at the site. This can be either air-cooling or water cooling. In the case of water cooling no water is consumed or contaminated.

Important Facts Regarding PG FireBox

  • Fully automated controls with internet interface for remote operation and troubleshooting.
  • Induction generator with power factor correction to match the local grid.
  • Simple operation and maintenance.
  • Portable system can be relocated.

1000KW PG FireBox Specifications

Power Generation Module
FireBox Module