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How Air Curtain Burner Operator Training Will Benefit Your Facility

Any facility that uses machinery operated by people runs more smoothly if operators are trained on their machinery. Workplace safety is optimized and smooth interaction with other operators and machines can achieved.  This means maximum productivity for the facility and profitability for the owners.

Air curtain burners, sometimes called air curtain destructors or air curtain incinerators, are offered in several styles and are used for many different purposes but all have one thing in common: they get rid of wood waste without the menace of smoke experienced with open burning, and they do so fast and efficiently – but only if run properly.

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White Paper-Forgotten Waste

Our World is drowning in waste and the focus on this dilemma tends to be directed at waste minimization, recycling and repurposing of resources. The focus is primarily plastics from household and industrial waste, all manmade. But what about the massive “forgotten” waste stream that is mostly of natural origin, wood and vegetative waste? This is the forgotten waste and a serious problem, as it is piling up by the day and it directly affects our environment, likely more so than manmade waste because of its sheer volume. 

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Controlling Emissions from the Burning of Vegetative Debris

Finding ways to reduce the emissions caused by burning biomass waste in open piles or by chipping and grinding it for trucking and depositing it landfills is of considerable importance in protecting the environment during disaster recovery operations. Air curtain FireBoxes, sometimes called air curtain destructors, have demonstrated proven effectiveness in controlling the amount of particulate matter or smoke that is released and they have been one of the tools of choice that DHS/FEMA included in the lineup of machinery required for prepositioned disaster recovery contracts and cleanup endeavors in general for many years.

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Buying vs. Renting an Air Burners Machine

Air Burners is the leading manufacturer and source for Air Curtain Burners, FireBox® and PGFireBox® systems, BurnBoss® and Trench Burner solutions that can make it much easier and more efficient to manage biomass produced during agricultural and construction activities and fire safety initiatives. Understanding the comparative benefits of renting or buying these systems will help your organization to make the most appropriate choice for your needs.

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U.S. Government Projects To Prevent Forest Fires

Preventing forest fires and wildfires is one of the most important goals for federal and state forestry services across the United States. Part of this process involves the removal of underbrush, fallen trees and other woody biomass from at-risk areas and the disposal of these materials in a safe and efficient way.

At Air Burners, we partner with many state and federal agencies to provide the most advanced air curtain burners for managing vegetation waste, and to promote greater safety for families and businesses which may be in the path of uncontrolled fires in the future.

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