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Congressman Brian Mast, Local Congressman in Florida Distric 18, Visits Air Burners

Air Burners, Inc. is proud to have hosted a visit to its manufacturing facilities by Congressman Brian Mast, local Congressman in Florida District 18. Air Burners machines are designed to help protect the environment for future generations by controlling emissions from the burning of wood waste and other biomass, for example, in agriculture, forestry, land clearing for the construction industry and for disaster recovery from hurricanes and floods. Congressman Mast is a champion when it comes to overcoming pressing environmental issues, especially in making clean water a priority in Florida’s Everglades. More locally, he focuses on the cleanup of St. Lucie River which has become increasingly toxic with algae contamination.

The Congressman took a tour of Air Burners’ plant with Company president, Brian O’Connor, and learned about the various designs of the machines made here in the US, and shipped around the world. He was particularly intrigued by the Company’s latest introduction that converts unprocessed woody biomass into electric and thermal power that can be utilized for a variety of applications. This system is called the "PGFireBox". It uses all-natural processes resulting in the lowest environmental impact by any waste-to-energy system in existence and it has received the industry’s attention worldwide.

Congressman Mast was accompanied by his local chief of staff and local office executives as well as interns which underscores the importance he places on understanding and working with local businesses in his District.

Congressman Brian Mast (right) and Brian O
Congressman Brian Mast (right) and Brian O'Connor

Air Burners Exhibits at WAPA – Western Agricultural Processors Association 2018 Annual Meeting

Air Burners is a member of WAPA which underscores the company's commitment to help offer solutions to the agricultural industry not only in San Joaquin Valley, California, but throughout the US, Canada. and Australia. The exhibits will be open June 15th and 16th at the Monterey Marriott in Monterey, California.

Air Burners' Booth Number is 305 and the team will be headed by Sales Manager, Michael Schmitt. You are invited to discuss your agricultural waste reduction needs with Michael and also learn about the revolutionary woody biomass to energy system which is portable and totally eliminates the traditional grinding of the biomass waste. There is nothing like it on the market.

To contact Michael, please, Click Here

Click HERE to visit WAPA's website.

Air Burners Expands Its Roll-Off FireBox Line – Delivers First Continuous Chain Version to Pacific Northwest

Air Burners received a US Patent for its Roll-off FireBox designs a few years ago. Initially, cable-hoist and hook-lift versions were offered. They greatly simplify FireBox mobilization, and their designs require no modifications to standard roll-off trucks built to ANSI Specifications. The line has now been expanded to also include Continuous Chain FireBox systems. This type of roll-off truck is popular in the Northwestern US and is also called Endless Chain Hoist Roll-off. The first such S-119R Roll-off FireBox has been delivered.

Those familiar with Continuous Chain cans or dumpsters will recognize the distinctive skid design in the photo to the left. The technical specifications can be downloaded at Air Burners Home Page here. They are the basically the same for all roll-off FireBox versions. Roll-off FireBoxes are offered in three sizes: S-119R, S-116R and S-111R. They all are shipped with a double steel floor. The S-119R and S-116R are most popular.

The photos in this post show the cable hoist versions of the S-119R FireBox at a Wyoming transfer station.

S-119R - Continuous (Endless) Chain Version Loaded for Transport to Northwestern US.
S-119R - Continuous (Endless) Chain Version Loaded for Transport to Northwestern US.
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Air Burners and the US Forest Service Enter into Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) on Biochar

Air Burners FireBoxes by virtue of their basic design and operating features routinely produce only a modest to fair amount of Biochar, as the goal is to eliminate as much wood waste as possible in the shortest of time meeting all applicable air quality regulations. Under the CRADA, the goal is to explore design augmentations and operational adjustments to Air Burners machines, starting with its BurnBoss® (left photo), to optimize the production of Biochar in the forest where Biochar production is the primary objective. It would be desirable to eliminate wood debris from forest harvest operations, fuels management and dead tree disposal in the forest and apply the Biochar to the forest floor right there on location or collect biochar for use elsewhere, if needed.

Air Burners is proud to have entered into this cooperative research and development agreement with the USDA Forest Service, the second CRADA after the company had worked with the US-EPA on its first such agreement a few years ago.

Air Burners Manufactures a Truck Mounted Road Dryer

Air Burners has manufactured a trailer-mounted road and runway dryer for a number of years for Road Dryer, LLC. in Greenville, SC. ( The company markets the Road Dryer machines worldwide. It introduced the new design, a truck-mounted road dryer, at the 2018 "World of Asphalt Show and Conference" that took place in early March in Houston, TX. The Show was a great success for the company.

Road Dryer, LLC. is benefiting from Air Burners many years' experience in designing and manufacturing machinery that requires a high degree of engineering in the fields of fluid mechanics and fluid dynamics of gases. Air Burners' experience in the design and production of "Mobile Machinery", such as its line of trailer-mounted Trench Burners (T-300) and BurnBoss refractory walled FireBoxes (T-24) was another important consideration for Road Dryer, LLC to team up with Air Burners. A "Mobile Machinery" trailer is a trailer built for a particular function, such as drying the surface of a road to ready it for paving or disposing of wood waste on site; it does not carry any cargo.

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Air Burners Earns “Grade A”

State of Texas: Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar, awarded GRADE A to Air Burners for its support of the State's 2017 Hurricane Disaster Recovery Efforts. Air Burners supplied a series of its largest FireBoxes, Model S-327 to the Texas Department of Emergency Management. The contract was administered by Air Burners' Sales Manager, Michael Schmitt.

The Comptroller's evaluation was based on:

GENERAL PERFORMANCE CODE(S): (301) Shipment made early upon agency/co-op member request,(305) Exceptional customer service response,(310) Order or service completed satisfactorily,(399) Vendor commended.

S-327 FireBoxes Supporting Hurricane Harvey Debris Cleanup
S-327 FireBoxes Supporting Hurricane Harvey Debris Cleanup

Korean Scholars and Industrialists visit Air Burners, Inc. in Palm City, Florida

Scholars and Industrialists from South Korea visit Air Burners, Inc. in Palm City, Florida

Palm City, Florida, January 29, 2018 — Air Burners was pleased to welcome at its Palm City, Florida factory sixteen visitors from South Korea including eight professors from various universities in South Korea such as Chungnam National University, Seoul National University and DAEGU University. Accompanying the professors were eight South Korean Industrialist, all forest industry experts.

Forests in South Korea are suffering from tree mortality due in part to beetle infestation and other climate change associated impacts which are rapidly destroying massive numbers of trees with no end at sight. Air Burners machines have long been recommended and employed by the US Forest Service as an important tool for forest management, especially for forest fire prevention and the elimination of beetle infested trees. Forest in North America have been suffering from devastating beetle attacks for more than two decades, and Air Burners FireBox machines are the best method to help avoid the spreading of the pest to healthy trees by destroying infested stands on location in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The Korean forestry experts are evaluating Air Burners machines for use in Korea to support the beetle eradication program there which, in the past, has mostly relied on chemical treatment, but has not successfully stemmed the spread of the beetle infestation.

The visitors also familiarized themselves keenly with Air Burners revolutionary electric power generating FireBox studying the second-generation system currently in the final stage of completion in the Palm City production line. Called the PGFireBox® heat from the waste wood combustion process is converted into electricity up to 1 Megawatt that will be used to power the Air Burners machine itself and charge electric vehicles and other forestry equipment where excess power could be sold to the power company. Air Burners manufactures all its systems in the USA, and they are used worldwide, including by the US Military, Department of Homeland Security, EPA, Department of the Interior, USDA, State of California and many others government entities in the US and abroad.

Visiting South Korean Forestry Experts with Air Burners Management Staff
Visiting South Korean Forestry Experts with Air Burners Management Staff

Air Burners Launches New Mobile-Friendly Corporate Web Site at

Air Burners selected Battle Medialab of Boca Raton, Florida to support its marketing and PR programs and to design a new corporate website. The website incorporates modern design features and is certified "mobile friendly". Air Burners well-known traditional "flame logo" has been upgraded to a more contemporary design. Air Burners' "image make-over" has been well received and Air Burners is proud of its new look.

Air Burners Perfects Revolutionary Concept of “Closed Circle Recycling” Biomass to Energy

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Model PGF100
Model PGF100
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