Purchasing Air Burners Machines Made Simple for All Government Buyers

  • Approved for state and local government buyers of Air Burners machines –
  • Forget the cumbersome bidding process
  • Purchase our machines through the Federal Government’s Cooperative Purchasing Program 

We know you must spend your agency’s money fairly and wisely. Should that not also include saving time, money, and red tape by doing away with the cumbersome bid process? 

Purchase your Air Burners machines directly off the GSA Schedule at US Government discount prices! Air Burners new GSA Contract includes the special Federal Government’s Cooperative Purchasing Program.

You are approved under the GSA COOP purchase agreement to purchase an Air Curtain Burner as a single source item without preparing a bid package and waiting for proposals. The Federal Government negotiated the best possible prices and conditions with Air Burners, and you can take advantage of that. Simply reference our GSA Contract Number 47QMCA20D000C in your purchase order with a notation that you are applying Air Burners GSA COOP authorization.

Please, read on to learn more details about Air Burners new GSA Schedule and how it can benefit your agency.

Understanding Air Burners GSA Contracts

Air Burners, Inc. has been a supplier to the US Government, especially the USDA and the Military, for twenty years. The company’s first GSA Contract was awarded by Veteran Affairs (VA). Our current GSA Contracts were awarded by the General Services Administration (GSA) as Multiple Awards Schedules (MAS), Industrial Products and Services – Industrial Products in the Product Category Special Items Number (SIN) 3331SBSA.

Category 3331SBSA entails the following general equipment: Clearing Equipment (SBSA) - Forestry, Mulching, Brush Cutting, Land Clearing and Vehicle Mounted Snow Clearing.

Air Burners two GSA Schedules or Contracts are:

A Federal Government site called GSA Advantage! displays the products and services of all GSA contractors and includes shopping carts by which qualified Federal Government buyers can purchase the machines online. The terms and conditions of the shopping page are based on the underlying contract between GSA and the industry contractor and are spelled out in the General Services Administration Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List (Link to Air Burners, Inc). There is also a website that provides official Contractor Information (Link to Air Burners, Inc). These links may change from time to time as modifications called eMods are processed.

The contractor information displays vendor specific authorizations that are not part of all GSA Schedules.  Air Burners GSA Contract includes these add-ons:


What does this mean and what all government buyers looking to purchase Air Burners products should know.

GSA Schedule Contracts between the US Government and commercial firms are indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ), long-term contracts under the General Services Administration's Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program. They provide federal, state, and local government buyers access to more than 11 million commercial supplies (products) and services at volume discount pricing.

Category (SIN) 3331SBSA
All products fall into defined categories. Air Burners’ category is Clearing Equipment (SBSA). SBSA stands for Small Business Set Aside and applies to Air Burners, Inc. This means the reserving of an acquisition exclusively for participation by small business concerns like Air Burners. Our SIN is 3331SBSA. SIN is an acronym for special input number.

Buyers can purchase our machines for any application, and they are in no way restricted by the description of Clearing Equipment. The term clearing equipment can be applied in the broadest sense. For example, a buyer may purchase our FireBox off the GSA Schedule for the elimination of broken pallets and other wood waste at a landfill or military base. If one of our machines serves an authorized useful purpose in the eyes of the acquisition authority, it can be purchased off the Schedule. 

The US Government and especially the EPA, use the term air curtain incinerator (ACI) to describe our FireBoxes or air curtain burners, as we prefer to call them. That is likely not to change soon, though the EPA declared officially in October 2020 that the FireBoxes are not incinerators (ACI’s do not use an external fuel source that creates a flame which, in turn, incinerates the waste feedstock, as true incinerators do). As ACI is the prevailing official name for our machines, the GSA Schedule describes them also as air curtain incinerators.

Who can purchase off the GSA Schedule?
Purchasing a machine off the GSA Schedule can be done in two ways:  

1. Federal Government Purchases
Buyers of federal agencies can place orders online via the shopping carts on the GSA Advantage! website or issue formal acquisition contracts or purchase orders.

2. State, County, Local Municipalities, Tribal Governments
Air Burners GSA Schedule includes the COOP provision (  ). Authorized by statute, the Cooperative Purchasing Program (COOP) allows state and local governments to buy a variety of commercial products and services under specific Multiple Award Schedules and Air Burners’ GSA Contract is one of them.

State and local government buyers simply place their purchase orders on Air Burners based on the prices and description in our GSA Contract. In their purchase orders they refer to our GSA Contract Number and make a notation that the Cooperative Purchasing Program (COOP) is applied. The effect is that the basic terms and conditions of the GSA contract are incorporated into the local contract by reference (some conditions that deal only with Federal Government matters are excluded.)

Air Burners has five (5) days to decline an order from an eligible state, county or local entity or the order is considered accepted (24 hours if the order is a credit card order).

Why does Air Burners have two (2) GSA Contracts?
GSA Schedules differentiate between Products and Services offered. Air Burners FireBoxes and the PGF100 biomass-to-energy system are covered by Contract 47QMCA20D000C and operator training and certification and system commissioning for the PGF100 are covered by Contract 47QMCA20D000B. The SIN for this contract is simply Ancillary. Sometime in the future these two contracts will be combined under a GSA plan to simplify its system.

What does the OLM  notation on GSA Advantage! mean?
OLM stands for Order-Level Materials. Certain GSA Schedules and Air Burners contract is one of them, allow companies to offer supplies or services through their GSA Schedule Contract that directly support a GSA Schedule purchase order, but are unknown or cannot be priced until the order level. An example would be adding a steel floor to a FireBox, an ash cleanout rake or a service needed, but not covered at the order level under Ancillary (our GSA 47QMCA20D000B), such as a one-time engineering charge for installing or modifying a PGF System that is not part of commissioning and could not be foreseen. Under OLM, buyers are given wide flexibility to package all that is needed into a single contract whether on the GSA Schedule or not.

What is the notation Disaster Recovery ( )?
Air Burners GSA Schedule includes the Disaster Recovery Program. GSA's Disaster Purchasing Program allows state and local governments to buy supplies and services directly from all GSA Schedules to facilitate disaster preparation, response, or major disaster recovery. Purchases made in support of recovery must be in response to a Stafford Act Presidential Declaration. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) manages the list of declared disasters. State and local governments can purchase equipment and services to support natural or man-made disasters, including acts of terrorism, or nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attacks.

How can I find Air Burners GSA Contract information quickly?
Go to Air Burners website at www.AirBurners.com and navigate to GOV PROJECTS.  There are two links on both the Federal Level and State and Local Level pages as shown below:

1.    Air Burners, Inc. GSA Contractor Information for Federal and COOP Purchases by State, County and Local Governments

2.    Air Burners Product Listings on GSA Advantage!®

You can also search the Government’s GSA websites by using the search terms Air Burners, Inc., our GSA Contract Numbers or our DUNS Number 078293872. The applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is 333120. Air Burners, Inc. CAGE CODE is 6LBF4.