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Used as both permanent (stationary) units at landfills or transfer stations or as portable units, for example, in the land clearing or forest industries.


A self-contained, completely assembled above ground Air Curtain Burner (air curtain incinerator or FireBox) with a refractory lined burn-container for portable and permanent (stationary) applications. Designed for the high temperature burning of forest slash, land clearing debris, green waste, storm debris, and other waste streams in compliance with the requirements of U.S. EPA 40CFR60.  

Shipped from the factory completely assembled ready for immediate use and does not require disassembly for relocation. The FireBox is also used for disaster recovery and Homeland Security contingencies and for certain MSW disposal applications. Electrically powered versions are available for permanent (stationary) installations. 

FireBox Specifications


Highly efficient turbo diesel engine or electric motors

Burn Container

4" (102 mm) thick refractory panels filled with proprietary thermal ceramic material; two full height rear doors; ignition holes

Transportation & Set-up

Shipped completely assembled; ready for immediate use; lifting pads provided for crane lifting; front deck security enclosure included as standard feature


Ash clean-out rake; ember screen; heat recovery