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CharBoss ®

The patented CharBoss is a machine design that was developed through a Cooperative Research And Development Agreement (CRADA) between Air Burners and the US Forest Service. Based on the Air Burners “BurnBoss” design, this machine was further developed to automatically produce Biochar while eliminating clean wood and vegetative waste. Currently used primarily in the effort to prevent wildfires. Today, this advanced wood waste reduction equipment is used in many applications, including construction and agriculture. The CharBoss is a self-contained, completely assembled above-ground Air Curtain Burner with a refractory lined burn-container and internal system to create biochar from the waste materials.


Product Specs

Three cylinder liquid cooled Diesel engine, 24.6 HP (HATZ 3H50T or equivalent), full enclosure; security locks around power source; Emission certified U.S. EPA Tier 4
4 in. (101 mm) thick side walls; Refractory panels filled with proprietary thermal-ceramic material cast into steel trays; panels kiln cured before assembly with proprietary stress relieving and crack propagation reduction features. Firebox and transport system is raised and lowered by hydraulic actuators
Patented trailer design includes a fully welded steel frame, triple torsion axles and heavy duty tires; Self-adjusting electric brakes on all wheels: Break-away system; Heavy duty adjustable hitch, pintle or ball type (2 5 /16 in. (58.75 mm) for towing; Mechanical jack stand. Standard trailer lighting package
Key switch, hydraulic system controls and gauges, tachometer, hour meter, fuel gauge, oil pressure and water temperature indicators with safety shutdown features; Lockable hatches
Custom heavy duty direct coupled air fan; Steel manifold welded in position
20 gal. (76 L) fuel tank capacity allows for approximately 18 hours of run time
Hydraulics operates system to create and expel biochar into external quenching device.
The CharBoss arrives onsite ready to use. Water for quenching device required: approx. 100 gal per 8 hr. workday
½-1 t/hr. (Average – See Note) Typical woody feedstock: clean wood waste; forest slash, tree trimmings, vineyard/orchard debris, etc.
350 lb./hr. (160 kg/hr.) (Average – See Note)

Approx. 1.1 gal/hr. (4.2 L/hr.) Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

Approx 12 gal/hr. Quenching bin requires minimum 30 gal. at start up

17,500 lb. (7,900 kg) Tongue Weight:. 1,400 lb. (635 kg)
  • Overall Size
    L × W × H

    21' 8" × 7' 8" × 6' 8"
  • FireBox
    L × W × H

    12' × 4' × 4'


The patented CharBoss is a trailerable FireBox system designed to automatically produce biochar from wood and vegetative waste. This unit is self-contained and fully assembled, supported by a rugged steel frame. Triple axles with custom designed torsion modules provide a safe and comfortable ride while towing. This unit can be towed with a heavy-duty pickup truck. The CharBoss T26 is shipped with all lighting, reflectors and trailer VIN required for licensing in most states and in many countries outside the USA.  

The FireBox uses the special Air Burners thermal ceramic panels to line the burn chamber. These panels protect the frame and running gear.  The CharBoss is towed to site, the FireBox is lowered, and the burn begins.  Once the waste material is burning the Biochar system is switch on and the biochar will begin to fall onto an internal conveyor system.  Once created and sized the biochar will drop out the back of the machine into a quenching pan.  The quenching pan is a patented design that minimizes the use of water to quench and create the biochar.  It is simple to use, special tools are provided with the machine to rake and shovel the biochar out of the quenching pan and into your containers.

Once the burning is complete, the truck is connected, the FireBox is raised, and the unit is moved to the next location.  A small U.S. EPA Tier 4 diesel engine powers this system. At full power, it consumes about 2.8 gallons of diesel fuel per hour. This unit is ideal for logging roads and vineyards due to its high portability and compact size.   The Biochar can be spread locally to enhance forest growth or it can be collected and sold on market.  Using a broker the biochar can be sold, the price varies based on market forces just like any other commodity but in 2023 our customers were receiving $125.00 per cubic yard.  The CharBoss can create income from the elimination of waste and from the sale of Biochar.