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Roll-Off FireBox

The Roll-Off FireBox is an Air Burners patented design that uses our standard FireBox adapted to the standard cable hoist or hook-lift truck transportation system. Unlike our other FireBoxes, these units have a steel floor designed to support the roll-off system.

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Designed for Easy Transportation and Delivery

This Roll-Off biomass burning system is built around our 100 series FireBox line. The roll-off design allows for easy transportation and allows companies that already deliver roll-off waste “cans” the opportunity to expand their offerings to include Air Burners FireBoxes.

Product Specs


This unit has a sixteen-foot manifold length. With the same FireBox specifications as the S116, this mid-size unit is good for golf courses and small construction sites, or smaller forest landing sites. Waste throughput is 2 to 4 tons per hour.


This unit has a nineteen-foot manifold length. With the same FireBox specifications as the S119, this large unit is good for all applications including whole logs and root balls, as well as industrial applications for eliminating pallets and crates. Waste throughput is 3 to 5 tons per hour.