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Operator Training & Certification

Air Burners, Inc. offers a complete on-site training and certification program and re-certification program for operators of any of its air curtain burners, whether just delivered or in service for some time. We also have a webinar class for training on how to run a FireBox. Thorough training by our professional field technicians will help assure that your air curtain burner is operated in an efficient and clean manner.

The affordable, well-structured course entails classroom training and hands-on training in the field with the client's air curtain burner machine. Upon successful completion of the course, the instructor will issue a certificate to the participants.

Our field technicians will travel to U.S. and Canadian customer sites as well as most overseas locations.

The cost for the training programs at any one particular North American location is quoted as a fixed price and typically includes two work days of instruction and practice in the field, plus all of the instructor's related travel expenses. Training sessions overseas would also be quoted as a fixed price that is all encompassing. However, for travel in certain locations, local transportation and lodging may have to be provided by our hosts.

For hands-on training at any location, the host must provide the loading equipment for the operators and the waste material to be used for the training activity.

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