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Power Series

Introducing two portable solutions for power generation from unprocessed biomass. The BioCharger creates enough electricity to feed the system’s on-site charging station.  The charging station called the Battery Storage Module will keep all your battery-operated vehicles and machinery charged and ready to go. The PGFireBox generates ample biomass power to use or sell to power companies without the costs typically associated with biomass power generation. Both use Air Curtain pollution control technology to reduce harmful greenhouse emissions significantly and require no grinding, hauling, or permanent facilities, so they’re easy to relocate.

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The Air Burners BioCharger and PGFireBox are powerful, environmentally-friendly machines that eliminate wood waste at a higher rate than any other biomass power system available today. The BioCharger turns waste into energy, generating power to feed on-site charging stations to keep battery-operated vehicles and machinery juiced and ready to roll. The PGFireBox generates biomass power without the costs typically associated with biomass power generation and in fact generates revenue from the elimination of vegetative waste.  Each uses Air Curtain pollution control technology to significantly reduce harmful greenhouse emissions and reduce costs with no grinding or hauling. Both accept whole logs, root balls, pallets, crates, and other wood or vegetative waste. Portable and fully self-contained, they require no permanent facilities and are easy to relocate.



The BioCharger is designed to eliminate waste, generate electricity and store that power in the Battery Storage Module which is also the on-site “charging station.” The BioCharger permanently eliminates biomass waste without emitting harmful greenhouse gasses like methane and black carbon—the second biggest contributor to climate change after carbon dioxide.

By turning that waste into energy, the portable BioCharger generates power to feed the BSM on-site charging station, effectively closing the energy loop so you can work off-grid and keep your electric vehicles, forklifts, excavators, chainsaws, lights, and job site up and running.



The Air Burners PGFireBox will accept whole logs and root balls along with whole pallets, wooden crates, and any other wood or vegetative waste product – without the need to sort, crush, or grind in advance. Today’s biomass power plants are permanent facilities; therefore, when the volume of waste material around those facilities begins to drop, additional waste needs to be transported over greater distances at higher costs.

The PGFireBox is a portable system that can be disassembled and relocated in a couple of days. It requires no permanent facilities, like buildings and smoke stacks. In addition, the PGFireBox air curtain burner does not require secondary fuel sources like natural gas. This reduces the cost and makes the installation easier. Currently, we offer the 100kW size PGFireBox biomass burning machine.