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Trench Burner

Easily Mobilized and Very Efficient

The Trench Burner is highly portable. Our patented system is the only one on the market that incorporates an easily extended carrier pipe and manifold that does not require any assembly. The T300 has a 20-foot carrier pipe and a 30-foot manifold. The carrier pipe brings the air from the trailer to the manifold. The manifold is hinged in a “T” fashion at the end of the carrier pipe. The manifold unfolds to run along the edge of your trench; the air comes out of the nozzles of the manifold and is distributed along its length.

The unique and important feature of the Air Burners Trench Burner machine is the carrier pipe. The carrier pipe is critically important to prevent the fire in the trench from damaging or destroying your machine. The distance from the back of the trailer to the edge of the trench is called the “set back.” The Air Burners Trench Burner has a 20-foot carrier pipe, which allows for a 20-foot set back. The fire in the trench can reach 2000°F. If the wind should shift during your operation, you want the trailer set back as far as possible to prevent damage. Our competitors do not have a carrier pipe because of the added cost. As a result, their machines are constantly being damaged by fire. It is far wiser to invest upfront in the safety of the carrier pipe set back than to continuously repair or even lose your machine.

Trench Burner T300

The patented Air Burners T300 Trench Burner is the number one selling wood waste burning machine. Our Trench Burners have been used around the world to support the elimination of wood and vegetative waste. The basic principles of air pollution control and cost effective waste elimination are the same for this product as our FireBox line – with one major difference: there is no thermal ceramic burn chamber. The Trench Burner, as the name implies, uses a trench dug into the ground as the burn chamber. The air curtain is provided by a manifold that extends from the trailer. The Trench Burner is a trailerable system that incorporates all the machinery in a fully assembled trailer, making it easy to tow.

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Product Specs

POWERFour-cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine 74.5 HP, HATZ Model 4H50TIC (Requires no DEF) or equivalent engine; Emissions certified US EPA Tier 4 FINAL; Engine mounted PTO (Power take-off) with multi-belt drive
OVERALL SIZE L x W x H27' 5" x 8' 2" x 7' 4"[8.4 m x 2.5 m x 2.2 m]
WEIGHT6,585 lbs [2,986 kg] Tongue Weight: 750 lbs [340 kg]
FUEL CONSUMPTIONApprox. 2.4 gal/hr [9 L/hr] Ultra-low sulfur (ULSD) Diesel fuel
THROUGH-PUT8-10 tons/hr (Average – See Note)