Breathe easy. Air Burners is here.

We can’t see, hear, touch, or taste it. We can occasionally smell it. But we can’t live without it. What is it? Air. There’s nothing better than a big, deep breath of fresh air, and there’s nothing better to keep our air clean and healthy than Air Burners machines. Our innovative air curtain pollution-control technology reduces greenhouse gases by 98%. It traps particulate matter, like black smoke, while burning and eliminating wood 40x faster than open burning—leaving behind 2% biochar to mix with the soil. 

Let’s face it. There’s nothing good about bad air. 

Reckless burning of fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal emits carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change and unhealthy air. Reducing carbon dioxide, methane, and greenhouse gases gives a healthy boost to people and the planet. The uncontrolled burning also releases dangerous chemicals, like sulfur and nitrogen oxides, which can impact health and cause respiratory illnesses like asthma, even early death. Recent studies by NASA, Duke, and Columbia universities show that reducing emissions by burning fewer fossil fuels could positively impact people’s health and the economy.  

The World Health Organization predicts that exposure to extreme heat caused by increased global temperatures will affect human health. Research shows that if we can reduce emissions over the next 50 years to align with the Paris Agreement’s goal to keep global warming under 2ºC by 2099, we can prevent an estimated: 

  • 4.5 million premature deaths
  • 1.4 million hospitalizations,
  • 300 million lost workdays 
  • 1.7 million dementia cases • 440 million tons of crop losses 

Source: NASA reducing emissions to mitigate climate change could yield dramatic health benefits by 2030

A breath of fresh air.  

Air Burners is committed to developing revolutionary machines using advanced 21st-century technology that’s environmentally friendly and cost-effective. For 25+ years, we’ve helped eliminate unwanted wood waste. Just as importantly, we’ve done it by reducing air pollutants. We never waiver from our mission to improve the health of our planet and everyone living on it. That’s who we are as a company and who we strive to be every single day.  

Taking care of business and the environment.  

We’re proud to help companies and individuals who care about the environment as much as we do. And we’re just as pleased to help their bottom line.  

No hauling. No grinding. No excuses.  

Air Burners machines do more than eliminate biomass waste—they also eliminate time-consuming and fuel-consuming trips to the chip mill and landfill. Turning vegetative waste into wood chips burns up to 60 gallons of diesel per hour and blasts cancer-causing dust particles into the air. Landfill hauls waste time, labor, and money on fuel that pumps CO2, methane, and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Thanks, but no thanks.  

One solution. Many choices. 

Air Burners has a machine for every type of job. Whether you’re logging forests, on a rescue & recovery mission, clearing land with industrial obstacles, or prepping vineyards for planting, we’re there with you until the job gets done. 

All Air Burners arrive fully assembled. These self-contained, aboveground air curtain burners are the perfect alternative to the pollution inducing agricultural or large portable incinerator. Our pollution-control technology creates a secondary burn chamber that gives a clean burn.  

The numbers speak for themselves: opacities come in below 10% per EPA Method 9 Testing—compare that to an open burn’s 80% to 100%, and our environmental advantage comes into focus.  

We invite you to take our website for a test drive and check out the environmental and economic benefits of working with an Air Burner machine. Contact us for a quote or with any questions. We’re always ready to help—just like our machines.