Fight Wildfires With Air Curtain Burners

The recent Canadian wildfires have taught us that climate change is not years away in the distant future; it's happening right now and can strike quickly without notice. The question is, what can we do today to prepare and help fight climate change? The answer is simple: Air Burners is the world's most scientifically proven aboveground end solution to eliminate wood waste. Our machines are safe, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly. The air curtain pollution-control technology burns 40x faster than open burning while trapping and significantly reducing particulate matter, like black carbon, by 98%. After the burn, only 2% biochar remains, which you can mix with the soil. Unlike most machines today, Air Burners require no grinding or hauling. So you can reduce your carbon footprint from start to finish on every job. 

Why CO2 Isn't All Bad

Carbon dioxide often gets a bad rap in the news, but not all CO2 is bad. In fact, without it, the planet would be too cold to support human life. There are two types of carbon dioxide: the good and the bad. Biogenic is good—the natural carbon dioxide absorbed by organic matter like trees and plants and stored until released naturally into the atmosphere, where it traps heat and keeps Earth at just the right temperature for plant life and humans to thrive. Scientists call this the greenhouse effect. Without it, our planet would be too cold to survive. Non-biogenic carbon is harmful CO2— anthropogenic or human-made—and is in fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gas. When burned as fuel, it emits toxic carbon dioxide into our air. Problems like climate change arise when dangerous CO2 levels get too high and create disturbances in our weather, such as the recent Canadian wildfires that stretched thousands of miles across Canada and impacted both Canada and the United States. The good news is that using Air Burners can help reduce the risk of wildfires and curb the amount of unhealthy black carbon that pollutes the air we breathe. The innovative technology reduces particulate matter and releases only biogenic CO2 (the good stuff). There's no chipping with Air Burners machines, either. Chipping produces large amounts of PM and wood dust—a proven cancer-causing byproduct of the chipping process— that can expose workers to health issues. Air Burners machines have many health, environmental, and economic advantages. The self-contained FireBox is today's cleanest, most environmentally friendly wood waste disposal solution. Our pollution-control air curtain burners trap the unhealthy Particulate Matter and prevent it from escaping into our air to help create a healthier, greener world. 

How To  Prevent Forest Fires With Burning 

Wildfire mitigation starts by restoring and maintaining forest health. That’s why forest land managers depend on Air Burners to help keep forests clear, harvest timber, and manage post-fire recovery cleanup. Experts agree that removing the excess trees, limbs, leaves, trunks, and other biomass debris that can act as natural fuel to start wildfires is essential to reducing the risk of wildfires. Air Burners agrees, too, which is why we work day and night to develop innovative solutions to help prevent forest fires and fight climate change. 

What Does Environmentally Friendly Burning Look Like?

Air Burners machines are the environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient solution to help reduce forest fuel loads that otherwise could ignite by lightning strikes or a careless match. The BurnBoss, CharBoss, and TrackBoss arrive fully assembled and ready for use. It accepts whole trees, slash piles, and nearly all unwanted wood waste. The BurnBoss, is the first trailer able FireBox making it ideal for logging roads and remote forests. Air Burners teamed up with the USDA Forest Service to develop the CharBoss— the world’s first mobile biochar production system that converts wood waste into biochar onsite. Forest managers and other land experts turn to the mobile TrackBoss, traveling to the slash piles on tracks and disposing of the wood waste without grinding or pre-processing. The Boss Series and other Air Burners machines are the most cost-efficient scientifically-proven way to eliminate wood waste.

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