The Environmental Benefits of Burning Agricultural Waste

You’d think burning agricultural waste would be an eco-no-no. And it is, if not done in an environmentally-friendly way.


Air Burners is the industry leader in agricultural waste disposal and uses advanced green technology to replace agricultural incinerators, open burning, and orchard-clearing grinders. Our patented pollution-control air curtain burners eliminate vegetative waste onsite 40x faster than an open burn and reduce harmful smoke particulates by 98%.

Open Burn vs. Contained Burn

Unwanted vegetative waste piles up quickly. Eliminating the waste cost money and time, but it also takes a toll on our environment.

That’s why more and more orchard and vineyard growers, forest and land managers, tree companies, and disaster relief agencies rely on Air Burners as the innovative solution to burn wood waste onsite without damaging the environment.


Self-contained, fully-assembled above-ground air curtain burners offer many advantages to open burning. Tested and proven by the USEPA, our machines cleanly and cost-effectively eliminate wood waste. Our air curtain technology reduces agricultural waste onsite and in the field, so there’s no need to grind, haul, or open pile burn. Air Burners replace orchard clearing grinders so growers can process vines with wire and metal stakes, wooden crates, whole trees, and root balls onsite without opening burning.


Vineyards, orchards, and fruit and nut growers depend on Air Burners machines like the TrackBoss to reduce vegetative waste and keep crops healthy. In addition to being tested and proven by the US EPA, the portable TrackBoss meets stringent California regulations and can operate on no-burn days in San Joaquin Valley. California isn’t the only state to recognize the environmental benefits of burning vegetative waste with Air Burner machines. More states are banning open burning and relying on our advanced pollution- control technology to help fight climate change. Regulating the incineration of agricultural waste is a good first step. Still, we can do more to help our planet. Unwanted woody debris is a big problem and growing bigger by the day. 30% of all worldwide waste is wood or vegetative; of the seventy million tons collected yearly, only 29% gets recycled. That’s why Air Burners is steadfast in its commitment to research and develop climate- friendly methods that eliminate waste and generate economic solutions to reclaim and reuse valuable end products like biochar and ash.


The air curtain creates a secondary burn chamber that produces a clean burn with opacities below 10% per EPA Method 9 Testing. Compared to an open burn's 80% to 100% opacity, the answer is clear: Air Burners pollution-control technology is doing its job—and then some to help reduce (PM) particulate matter, or particle pollution and keep our air healthy.


One innovative company. Many climate-friendly solutions.

Air Burners offers several innovative machines with technological advantages that lay to waste and eliminate the need for agricultural incinerators, burning vegetative waste and orchard-clearing grinders. As the TrackBoss mentioned above, the BurnBoss and CharBoss are self-contained, fully-assembled, above-ground machines that use our advanced pollution-control air curtain burner technology to reduce vegetative waste and slash piles onsite without grinding or hauling. The Boss Series is portable, mobile- friendly, and easy to maneuver to get in and out of challenging terrain faster and, like all Burners, safe and cost-efficient to operate. The trailer-mounted BurnBoss is ideal for helping smaller growers eliminate vineyard debris and prunings onsite and produce biochar. This nutrient-rich soil amendment can be sold or returned to the land. The recently upgraded CharBoss is a patented mobile biochar production system that burns unwanted wood waste onsite and creates valuable carbon-rich biochar.

The Air Burners FireBox is the most economical and environmentally sound solution for eliminating vegetative waste. The self-contained FireBox requires no set-up or tear-down. The Roll-Off FireBox is a free-standing, fully-assembled above-ground air curtain burner.


Discover more about Air Burners products and how we’re helping to win the fight against climate change.


About us

Air Burners, Inc. is celebrating its 26th year of innovative solutions that eliminate wood waste cost-efficiently to win the climate change fight. Located in Palm City, Florida, our mission is to support the development of machinery to protect our environment and manage our forests against devastating wildfires. Tested and proven by the USEPA, the Department of Environment Canada, the Department of Environment Australia, and many others.