The Role of Air Curtain Burners in Sustainable Forest Management

Finding the right solution to a problem can be challenging, but knowing what to look for and where to look can help save a lot of time and money. Take forest management, for instance. Wildfire mitigation plays a crucial role in helping to prevent forest fires. Learning to manage wildfire risk and taking pre-emptive measures such as forestry land clearing, which includes tree thinning, removing decayed, vegetative debris, and eliminating slash piles, goes a long way to help prevent wildfires.

There’s no better answer to help curb the never-ending wood waste problem than Air Curtain Burners. Our patented pollution-control air curtain technology cleanly and cost-effectively eliminate forest debris onsite 40x faster than an open burn and reduce harmful smoke particulates by 98%. The typical agricultural and large portable incinerators create massive pollution and irreversible environmental damage. For example, using an agricultural incinerator or large portable incinerator takes 48 hours in an open burn to eliminate 20 tons of wood waste while unleashing black smoke pollution that causes harm to our health and nature. Alternately, Air Curtain Burners eliminate 20 tons in just one hour without emitting earth-damaging particulate matter.

Air curtain technology gives our forests an advantage.

Air Burners self-contained, fully-assembled above-ground air curtain burners are the climate-friendly innovative solution to the environmentally-damaging agricultural incinerator or large portable incinerator. Forest and land managers turn to our eco-friendly air curtain technology to burn woody forest debris onsite to reduce environmental damage and protect against wildfires. Eliminate slash piles, whole trees, brush, logs, and root balls for forest land clearing operations and disaster relief clean-ups. There's no grinding, landfill hauls, or open pile burns, so the job gets done right away right onsite.

A clean burn is not a dirty secret.

Air Burners' advanced air curtain technology delivers a cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly solution to eliminate wood waste. Whether forestry land clearing or managing forests to help mitigate wildfires, our pollution-control technology makes air curtain burners an industry leader and an integral part of land management strategies.

What makes our innovative air curtain technology the better choice than a large portable and agricultural incinerator? Lots. The air curtain burner creates a secondary burn chamber that produces a clean burn with opacities below 10% per EPA Method 9 Testing. Compared to an open burn's 80% to 100% opacity, the answer is clear: Air Burners pollution-control technology is doing its job—and then some to help reduce (PM) particulate matter and particle pollution and keep our air healthy.

Forest conservation and wildfire mitigation go hand in hand to protect our natural resources. Air Burners offers several solutions to help reduce unwanted wood waste, reduce the risk of wildfires, and restore our nation's forests' long-term health and viability. The CharBoss, the BurnBoss, and the TrackBoss are self-contained, above-ground air curtain burners that arrive fully assembled with the FireBox, Air Burners patented pollution-control device, and ready to work anytime and go anywhere so that you can work on and off-site.


Air Burners relentless commitment to research and innovation is evident in the CharBoss. The world's first mobile biochar production system converts biomass debris onsite into valuable, nutrient-rich biochar to sell or mix into the soil and boost forest regrowth. Developed through a technology-driven partnership with the USDA Forest Service, the CharBoss made its successful debut in January 2023 at the University of Idaho Experimental Forest. The exhibit showcased how Air Burners is developing innovative, environmentally friendly solutions like the CharBoss that turns piles of wood waste into "black gold," or biochar, carbon-rich ash that can help restore degraded soil and improve nutrient and water retention. The mobile, self-contained CharBoss is ideal for forestry land clearing, restorative land management projects, and helping to prevent wildfires. The easy-to-maneuver, fully-assembled aboveground air curtain system has a burn rate of up to 2 tons per hour, separates charcoal from woody biomass, and discharges cooled biochar. At the same time, the CharBoss generates less harmful particulate matter, like black carbon smoke, than agricultural and large portable incinerators and improves pollution control.



Developed to support the ongoing efforts of the U.S. Forest Service and help prevent wildfires, the BurnBoss quickly earned an industry leading reputation for eliminating unwanted forest debris, including whole trees, slash piles, branches, bushes, and stumps. The patented BurnBoss is the first trailerable FireBox and comes equipped with Air Burners thermal ceramic panels that line the burn chamber to protect the frame and running gear. The air curtain burners ensure a self-contained burn to reduce smoke particulates by 98%, unlike agricultural and large portable incinerators that use an ‘open burn’ process that emits black smoke and ‘flying’ embers that can potentially ignite fires.



Like all of the Air Burners Boss Series machines, the TrackBoss arrives fully assembled and fully-loaded with the FireBox, our innovative pollution-control air curtain device. The mobile TrackBoss is easy-to-maneuver, cost-effective, and eliminates wood waste onsite, so there’s no hauling or grinding. The self-contained, aboveground air curtain burner reduces slash piles and other woody forest debris. Combining environmentally friendly wood waste reduction and ease of maneuverability gives the TrackBoss an edge over the dangerously cumbersome, environmentally damaging agricultural and large portable incinerators. Clearing power lines, trimming trees around telephone poles, and dodging industrial infrastructure are some reasons why forest management, forestry land clearing operations, and wildfire mitigation turn to the TrackBoss for mobility and sustainability to protect our nation’s natural resources from ongoing threats like wildfires.

Air Burners is here to help.

Fallen trees and other woody debris prevent forests from absorbing C02, contributing to climate change. Unfortunately, lifeless trees and other unwanted vegetative waste can lead to deadly wildfires. But all is not lost. Our air curtain technology speeds up the natural process, eliminating unwanted, lifeless biomass debris and potentially dangerous forest debris to help ensure our planet's safer and healthier future.

Air Burners is the industry leader in woodland waste disposal to ensure forest health and sustainability. Our advanced green technology replaces the outdated open-burn methods of large portable and agricultural incinerators to help curb the threat of wildfires and restore the health of our forests. We invite you to join our fight against climate change. Together, we can make a world of difference.