Buying vs. Renting an Air Burners Machine

Air Burners is the leading manufacturer and source for Air Curtain Burners, FireBox® and PGFireBox® systems, BurnBoss® and Trench Burner solutions that can make it much easier and more efficient to manage biomass produced during agricultural and construction activities and fire safety initiatives. Understanding the comparative benefits of renting or buying these systems will help your organization to make the most appropriate choice for your needs.


A Full Lineup of Air Burners Systems

Before making a decision regarding the practical merits of renting vs. buying an Air Burners system, it is important to take a look at the types of systems available from Air Burners. Each of these systems is designed to provide a workable and, in many cases, portable solution for disposing of excess wood and vegetation waste in a safe and practical way.

Trench Burner
The Air Burners T300 Trench Burner uses a trench as its burn chamber. This makes it more economical to purchase or to rent but requires additional work on the part of end users to prepare the trench for use. Highly portable, the T300 features an extendable 20-foot carrier pipe and 30-foot manifold, which allows the system to be positioned well away from the area of fire. This will protect your T300 system from damage caused by sudden changes in wind direction and flare-ups of the flames when in use. T300 Trench Burners are designed to be easy to move and transport.

The BurnBoss system is self-contained and comes fully assembled. Unlike the Trench Burner, this biomass disposal system also features a refractory-lined burn container that provides added protection for the system and its operators. It is mounted on a dual-axle trailer with an onboard diesel engine and an integrated hydraulic lift system to make it much easier to move and transport this system to where it is needed most.

The FireBox Series
The FireBox Series is available in electric and diesel models and in several different configurations. If you are renting a FireBox, it would most likely be the diesel model. The FireBox Series is as follows:

• The FireBox S327 is a large system that can accept significant amounts of biomass waste during a single burn session. Because of its size and weight, it will require oversize load permits and is transported on flat racks or drop-deck trailers.
• The FireBox S220 is smaller and does not require the use of oversize load permits for transport on highways and public roads. It provides a more portable option for agencies that do not require the speed of processing available from the S327.
• The FireBox 100 series is easily loaded on almost any trailer, including tilt-bed, drop-deck and RGN trailers. It is available in two models, the S119 with a 19-foot-long burn chamber and the S116, which features a burn chamber 16 feet in length.
• For agencies and organizations that require a more comprehensive solution to their biomass disposal efforts, the FireBox Series also includes the new PG FireBox. This system also includes the capability to generate electricity through its normal operation. It consists of a FireBox connected to an innovative power generation system, which makes it the perfect choice for remote areas and base camps that can use the electricity it generates to power lighting, climate control and other requirements.

The Air Burners lineup requires no chipping and minimal breakdown of wood and other biomass materials before they can be loaded into these systems. All of the Air Burners systems produce biochar, which is a valuable substance used in agricultural activities. This can make an Air Burners system a valuable addition to your forestry or agricultural cleanup project.


Rent or Buy: Which Option Is Best for You?

A number of factors will determine whether renting or purchasing an Air Burners system makes most sense for you. In either case, working with a company that offers genuine Air Burners products is essential to produce the best results and to ensure your safety while operating your systems. Here are some of the most important questions to consider when deciding to rent or to buy your system outright.

How often will you use your system?
If you only need an Air Burners system for a one-time project or a short-term goal, renting rather than buying may be a solid choice for your organization. If you foresee a long-term need for an Air Burners system, however, it may make more sense to purchase it outright for use whenever you need it to dispose of biomass materials in a practical and environmentally sound way.

Are rental Air Burners systems available near you?
Air Burners systems are in high demand across the country. Not all areas have an authorized dealer with rental systems available. If you have an urgent need to dispose of wood and vegetation waste, it can often be much faster to purchase your system directly from Air Burners rather than waiting for a system to be available near you.

Can you afford to purchase right now?
If you need the functionality of an Air Burners system now but cannot afford the initial outlay for these systems, you could benefit from financing arrangements for new equipment or from a short-term rental of a Trench Burner. You might also be able to purchase a used Air Burners system from a local dealer. While renting may look like a more cost-effective choice, buying is usually the most practical option for most of our customers. Most customers return on investment can be as short as twelve months. 

Have you factored in the cost of transportation?
Depending on the location from which you rent your system, the cost of moving your Air Burners system back and forth between your base camp and the rental store can add up over time. If you will have a repeated need for one of the larger systems manufactured and sold by Air Burners, opting to purchase your system is usually more practical and will allow you to move it to your desired locations without making numerous trips to the rental outlet.

The biomass disposal and processing experts at Air Burners can provide you with customized guidance on the right system for your needs. We work with companies, federal and state agencies and other organizations across the country and around the world to deliver the most cost-effective and practical options for our customers. To learn more about your purchase options, call Air Burners today at 772-220-7303 to request information on financing, product options and pricing. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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