Going Green: Sustainable Land Clearing Alternatives

The earth never sleeps. It’s in constant flux, forever changing. One of the biggest challenges for land clearing operations is disposing of wood and vegetative waste. Of the millions of tons generated annually, 30% is unwanted woody biomass like trees, vegetation, and other natural debris, but we recycle just 29%. The rest is either burned or hauled to landfills.

That’s a big problem—actually, two problems. First, open pit burns emit black carbon—the second most significant contributor to climate change after carbon dioxide. Second, we’re running out of landfill space. The fact that there isn’t much of a market for recycled wood waste doesn’t help, either. Unfortunately, the problem of how to eliminate wood waste isn’t going to go away. Trees aren’t going to stop growing. Vegetative debris isn’t going to stop growing. And land clearing operations aren’t going to stop. So the biomass disposal problem will continue to grow bigger—and bigger—every day. Fortunately, Air Burners can help.

Air Burners and land clearing go hand in hand.

We understand the environmental and business challenges facing forestry land management, construction companies, commercial developers, farmers, vineyard and orchard growers, and disaster relief agencies like FEMA. That’s why we design our Air Burners machines to eliminate wood waste in the most cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly way possible.

Removing trees, root balls, stumps, and other natural vegetative brush can lead to soil erosion, thus impacting the ecosystem. Over time, this can strip the land of root systems that filter pollutants to keep our rivers, lakes, and streams clean and help prevent natural disasters like flooding and mudslides. The air isn’t immune to the harmful effects of land clearing. Open burn pits release carbon stored in unwanted vegetation into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change.


The choice for land clearing is clear: Air Burners

Air Burners provides cost-effective, environmentally friendly, sustainable land-clearing alternatives to eliminate wood waste and create soil-restorative biochar.

Air Burners machines come fully assembled with our pollution- control air curtain technology that burns unwanted wood waste 40x faster than an open burn and reduces smoke particulates by 98%. The patented thermal ceramic panels ensure the fire remains contained and protects your equipment.

FireBox—the Air Burner machine revolutionized the eco-disposal of unwanted wood and vegetative waste. The world’s most proven biomass burner makes forest clearing much easier, saves valuable work time, and cuts transportation costs because there’s no grinding or hauling to landfills, so your team gets the job done onsite, on time, and on budget. Speaking of budget-saving, the diesel- powered FireBox uses less than 3 gallons of fuel per hour. The FireBox helps land clearing operations and the environment in other ways. There’s no preprocessing, grinding, or chipping. Everything goes in the top—including whole trees, logs, and root balls. The burn produces biochar, the nutrient-rich carbon ash you can sell or mix in the ground to restore degraded soil. Farmers and growers often need to clear land to make room for new crops or to clean up vegetative debris. Biochar gives farming soil a much-needed nutrient boost, which can yield better, more successful crops—and profits—for farmers, vineyard, and orchard growers. The FireBox requires no permanent facility and is easily disassembled and transported to forests, construction sites, orchards, vineyards, and anywhere you need to clear land. The FireBox Series includes the S100, S200, and S300, with a convenient Roll-Off version available in some models.

Power Generating

The PGFireBox is a portable, powerful machine that helps clean up land and natural disasters on-grid. Along with the BioCharger, the dynamic duo is unstoppable.

The BioCharger is ideal for working on-site or in remote locations off-grid. It can handle most types of wood waste, including whole trees, root balls, branches, and other vineyard and orchard vegetative debris. The burn rate is clean and fast—up to 20 tons of biomass waste per hour. The BioCharger produces power naturally by converting the waste to charge electric vehicles, equipment, and tools so you can work off-grid. It closes the energy loop and keeps your job site running to help you clear the land. Air Burners’ successful partnership with Volvo and Rolls Royce resulted in the BioCharger—a cost-effective, renewable energy solution to help fight climate change.

Boss Series- Rolling Machinery

Clearing the land of unwanted wood waste can involve avoiding obstacles like telephone poles, fences, trees, and other potential hazards that can slow operations or even cause injury to workers or damage equipment. Forest managers, farmers, growers, disaster relief agencies, and other land stewards turn to the Air Burners Boss Series for maneuverability.

The BurnBoss, CharBoss, and TrackBoss arrive fully assembled. The self-contained, above-ground, pollution-control air curtain burners produce biochar and carbon-rich ash on site so you can amend the soil and help restore forests, farms, and other land projects. No grinding, hauling, or permanent facilities are needed.

The towable BurnBoss is ideal for accessing remote areas and a favorite among forest caretakers for maneuvering challenging terrain and eliminating whole trees and slash piles. The portable CharBoss is the world’s first mobile biochar production system that’s easy to handle and control in tight spaces. It burns up to 2 tons per hour, helping jobs stay on track and budget. The mobile TrackBoss is a tracked vehicle and goes anywhere to help you eliminate unwanted biomass woody debris.

Discover how you can put Air Burners’ innovative technology to work for you. Together, we can improve the care and sustainability of our planet.