Power Your Job Site With an Electricity-Generating PGFireBox

When it comes to measuring return on assets, every business owner knows that the more adaptable the asset, the greater the profits. The PGFireBox®, produced by Air Burners®, with its twofold functions of combusting waste and producing power, may just prove to be one of the most valuable assets on a jobsite.

Burning Wood Waste

The primary function of the PGFireBox® (PGF) is to efficiently burn wood waste and construction debris. Using patented air curtain technology, the PGF eliminates tons of wood waste while producing very few smoke particles. By sending a high velocity curtain of air over the initial smoke containing particulate matter, and forcing it to re-burn in the hottest area right below the air curtain, the PGF reduces the amount of particulate matter, or black carbon, released into the air.

Producing BioChar

The byproduct of this highly efficient burning system is a clean carbon ash that can be turned back into landfill cover as a de-acidifier or sold to an area horticulturist as a soil amendment. You will find that among the ash is a certain amount of biochar that can also be repurposed for purposes such as soil remediation or gardening.

Producing Power

The second byproduct of this advanced technology is the ability to generate electricity. While still remaining conveniently portable, the PGFireBox® pairs a FireBox™ with an electrical generation power plant to first eliminate wood waste and then generate electricity, effectively becoming a valuable asset to your business.

Conversion to Electricity

A machine with the ability to generate electricity without supplementing with any additional fossil fuels is an incredible resource to own. This conversion is accomplished through the technology of the Organic Rankine Cycle Power Generation in coordination with the technology of the Air Curtain Burner.

We’ve perfected waste-to-energy-conversion, simplified by the use of the patented PGF system. The clean, emission-free electricity that is generated ranges from 100kW, 500kW and 1MW, depending on the model.

Uses of Electricity on the Jobsite

This newly-produced electricity has a myriad of uses and can pay back into the company in many ways. For example, it can be used onsite to power the original PGF as well as up to two additional FireBoxes™ being used at the same time.

It can also be used to power other equipment such as lights, security systems, cameras, water pumps, chippers, stackers, sprayers, feeders, meters, drilling machines, cement mixers, compressors and saws.

Money Maker

As an added bonus, if there is more power being produced than is needed onsite, it can be sold to the local power company. This helps power companies acquire clean, emission-free electricity without the additional waste and expense of using fossil fuels.

Another passive but profitable use of the technology that comes with the PGF models is in capturing heat loss, or thermal energy, and redirecting it for other purposes. Thermal energy can be captured from the top of the PGF and be used to produce heat for things such as kiln-drying lumber or heating a facility. This can help owners save even more money in operational expenses.

When you factor in the labor-saving costs and efficiencies of the PGF as a way to eliminate wood waste, and then add in the benefit of electricity, BioChar and thermal energy generation, it’s easy to see how owning the PGF can quickly become a profitable venture.

Closed Circle Recycling

Taking recycling to a new level, Air Burners® has developed a closed circle recycling system using the PGFireBox® for biomass repurposing. By producing its own electricity, the PGF is able to eliminate wood waste and produce extra electricity without the additional consumption of other resources.

While other systems for cleaning up waste wood, vegetation and construction debris end up using resources, such as land in a landfill or fuel for open burns, the PGF system is self-supporting, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Other Ways the PGF Saves You Money

A closer look at the PGF system shows how Air Burners® has used technological advancements to solve the top three economic barriers to producing biomass power.

First, there is the high cost involved in preprocessing the waste material. Outdated systems for cleaning up wood waste require sorting, crushing, chipping, grinding and labor costs. The PGF doesn’t require any special sorting or preparation. As long as it fits in the burn box, approximately 20’ long, it will burn. It has proven to be efficient in eliminating wood at a steady rate.

Secondly, expense of transporting the waste material to the landfill or to an open burn site. The PGF system eliminates that expense by being very portable. When an area is cleared, simply disassemble and move the PGF to a new location and continue burning.

The third expense that business owners have had to weigh is the high costs of the initial installation. This expense is offset by the power-generating capabilities of the PGF and the many ways it can save money onsite. The fact that the PGF does not require secondary fuel sources, such as natural gas, is also a savings during initial installation. Finally, there are three different models of the PGFireBox® to choose from to find the one that best fits your budget.

Superior Results

When you consider the large amount of energy stored in wood, it makes sense to make use of that energy and to turn it into power that can be used on the jobsite or sold to the power companies. Rather than waste it by disposing in a landfill, this stored energy in wood can be put to work for you, which is both efficient and environmentally sound.

Using a PGF can reduce your wood waste by 98%. If ten tons of logs are burned, the output is a couple hundred pounds of ash. This ash is easily removed the next day and the PGF is ready to go back to work.

Ready to Talk?

If you’d like to get more information on how the PGFireBox® can contribute to a healthy bottom line while getting your cleanup jobs done in an efficient way, give us a call at 772-220-7303 or Contact Us for further information. We’re here to help you find the model that’s right for you.