The Right Solution for Preventing Bushfires in Australia

Bushfires are an ongoing threat in many parts of Australia. Finding the most practical and positive steps to take to combat these wildfires is critical to the safety of people and animals in these areas. An estimated 45,000 to 60,000 bushfires occur in Australia each year. Many of these events are caused by carelessness or deliberate action on the part of visitors to the grasslands or hilly areas of Australia. Taking steps to control the spread of these fires is essential to promote the safest conditions for visitors to and residents of Australia.

The PGFireBox by Air Burners can provide real help in managing forested areas and disposing of brush and wood that could fuel fires in our area. This advanced system is the ideal solution for many of the challenges your agency or organization faces in bushfire prevention and control. By removing dry wood, brush and undergrowth from high-risk areas, your staff members can significantly reduce the risks of wildfire in cleared areas. The Air Burners PGFireBox can help you to get rid of these materials safely and in an environmentally sound way while generating electricity for your own operations or to feed back into your local power grid.

Establishing a Safer Environment
According to most experts, the most dangerous bushfires occur in remote or mountainous regions where deforestation has not yet taken place. Undergrowth and fallen trees can often serve as ready kindling for these types of fires. Finding a safe and effective way to dispose of excess vegetation is an essential step in achieving fewer bushfires and improving safety for people, property and wild animals that might otherwise be caught in the path of a dangerous bushfire.

The Air Burners FireBox machines are an outstanding choice for safely disposing of cleared underbrush and removing this source of fuel for fires. This can provide real protection against bushfires that could start in remote areas and create threats for population centers or smaller communities in the path of danger. These advanced systems offer the most practical solutions for those charged with reducing the risk of bushfires in Australia. If you are responsible for managing fire risks in your area, Air Burners’ machines are an outstanding solution for you.

What is the Air Burners PGFireBox?
The PG Firebox is a two-part system that offers an effective strategy for managing woody biomass disposal while generating electricity that can be used to power your camp or outpost or fed back into the electrical grid to create increased revenues for your agency:

• The first part of the system is the FireBox Module, which is designed to accept and burn wood, brush and other vegetation. This system can be set up in close proximity to the area you are clearing, which will make your transportation processes much simpler.

• The Power Module of the PG FireBox uses the heat generated by burning woody biomass to produce electricity. It is equipped with electrical grid protection and over-temperature and over-pressure alerts to ensure the greatest safety during the power generation process.

These two elements work together to create the most innovative and practical solution for preventing bushfires when possible and reducing the risks associated with these events when they occur.

Proactive Solutions for Bushfires
Fires need fuel, oxygen and a spark to ignite. Air Burners’ FireBox and PG FireBox series offers a proven and effective solution for removing fuel that offers some real benefits for dealing with woody biomass:

• Unlike many other wood and brush disposal solutions, Air Burners’ machines can accept large pieces of wood and woody biomass. This eliminates the need for chipping and grinding, which can be time-consuming and can limit your ability to manage the disposal of undergrowth and fallen limbs in your area. 

• The integrated air curtain on the FireBox and PGFireBox reduces the amount of smoke produced by these systems to protect the environment from the negative effects of particulates released by other biomass-burning systems. According to most experts, Air Burners’ air curtain technology has been tested by Victoria EPA and ACT EPA in Canberra to insure they can reduce opacities and particulates to under 10 percent.
• No additional fuels are needed to complete the burning process, which means there is no need to haul fuel trucks into remote areas on a regular basis. This can save you time and money when planning the disposal of brush, wood and other vegetation in remote areas of Australia.
• The power generating capabilities of the Air Burners PGFireBox will allow you to create electricity to power your base camp or other equipment. This functionality will provide you with expanded options for managing power needs for your team and your camp, which will ensure the most comfortable surroundings possible during your brush and wood removal duties.
• The Air Burners machines are all portable and can be moved to the area in which you require its functionality. This makes it an ideal choice for remote areas where your clearing activities can do the most good.
• Air Burners machines are also capable of producing biochar, a valuable substance that can be sold or used to promote plant growth in a wide range of environments. By harvesting this substance after a round of woody biomass disposal, your organization will be able to recoup some of your costs and will enjoy the most optimal financial position when carrying out your duties in all areas of Australia.

By investing in an Air Burners FireBox or PGFireBox, your agency or organization can make the most effective use of your time and money when clearing out areas that could otherwise pose fire risks if lightning strikes or if human error ignites the spark that causes a serious bushfire. 

Support for Engineering and Environmental Services
Air Burners has an authorized distributor and representative located in Australia who can provide the help you need to set up and operate your machine correctly. This ensures that your organization stays in compliance with all government rules and regulations. We will work with you to determine the right options for your needs.

At Air Burners, we are committed to providing the best support for your woody biomass disposal needs. We ship worldwide and offer support for every system we sell; in fact, Antarctica is the only continent we do not yet serve. To learn more about the Air Burners lineup of products and the PG FireBox, you can visit our website here or contact our Australian distributor, Jaws Crushers at 0417-650-414. We are here to serve you.