Have You Seen Used Air Burners for Sale? Read This First

Air Burners has been creating the most innovative and practical biomass burning machines on the market for over 20 years. Our air curtain burners offer real benefits for the environment and for companies and organizations interested in getting rid of woody biomass in the most convenient and cost-effective way. For generating biomass energy and eliminating wood debris, an Air Burners system is a cutting-edge solution that provides real portability and convenience for our customers.


Our Lineup of Products

At Air Burners, we are proud of the products we offer. Some of our most popular systems include the following:


•          The PGFireBox® is a portable and practical way to generate energy by burning woody biomass. This process also produces biochar, a valuable substance that can add nutrients to soil and can be resold by our customers.

•          The Air Burners FireBox® is also portable and eliminates vegetative and wood waste. Available in three sizes, you can choose from an electric or diesel fuel-powered version of this elite system.

•          For even greater convenience, the Roll-off FireBox® combines the biomass elimination functions of the traditional Firebox with an easy-to-deliver configuration.

•          The BurnBoss® is towable and specifically designed to be used in the forestry and agricultural industries but can also be used in neighborhoods and by fire departments to eliminate trimmings and brush quickly and easily.

•          The Air Burners Trench Burner® is easily portable and designed to keep your crew safe while eliminating wood waste quickly and efficiently.


Each of these products offers real benefits for our customers. At Air Burners, we are always looking for new ways to serve you better.


What Sets Us Apart

What sets Air Burners apart from other biomass elimination and power generation systems is our commitment to sustainability and the ability of our products to transform biomass to biochar and energy without significant preprocessing of wood materials. We work with our customers to provide the most practical and environmentally responsible solutions for eliminating wood and plant debris and generating electricity for a wide range of uses.


Why Buying New Makes Sense

If you have seen a used air curtain burner for sale, you may have been tempted by the lower price of these pre-owned machines. Buying new direct from Air Burners, however, offers some significant benefits that can help you make the most practical use of your new system. Here are some key reasons to buy a new Air Burners system directly from our company rather than taking your chances on an unknown seller offering a used Air Burners FireBox for sale.


A Clean Slate

Companies or individuals who offer used Air Burners for sale may not have performed the required and recommended maintenance for these systems. As a result, you may be buying someone else's problem for a premium price. By buying directly from Air Burners, you can be sure that your system runs as expected and that it offers you years of useful life. With anyone else, you will be taking your chances on an unknown quantity that could create a significant financial loss for you or your company.


Warranty Protection

One major drawback of purchasing a system from an individual who happens to have an Air Burners FireBox for sale is the lack of warranty that typically accompanies these transactions. When you buy direct from the Air Burners team, you get a full warranty and professional support for setting up your system and using it properly. Purchasing a used Air Burners system offers none of these protections and services. The value of our warranty alone is often enough to make purchasing a new system from Air Burners the more economical choice.


Proven Knowledge and Expertise

When you purchase directly from us, you also get the benefit of the collective experience of the Air Burners team. This allows us to provide expert guidance and support for you throughout setup and operation of your new system.  If you require a permit at your site, the Air Burners team can provide valuable air quality data to support your permitting efforts.  Buying from a third-party seller does not provide you with these benefits, which can make a real difference in the initial and ongoing performance of your Air Burners system.



When you buy an Air Burners system from our company, we stand behind our products to ensure that you are completely satisfied. This high level of commitment on the part of the Air Burners team translates directly into the best support for your initial setup and ongoing use of your new system. By contrast, purchasing a used system will not provide you with these automatic benefits and may make it much less convenient to put your system into operation on your worksite or within your community.  You will of course always have the use of our website for valuable information and operating manuals.



Air Burners offers comprehensive on-site training and certification for operators of our systems. This is available to all owners of Air Burners systems and provides the expertise and skills needed to operate our systems safely and in the most efficient and environmentally responsible way. By purchasing from Air Burners directly, you will receive the most accurate and up-to-date information on the training services we provide. Our team will be happy to work with you to find the right training services for your schedule and your needs.


Increased Choices

When you buy from the Air Burners team, you will have access to the latest state-of-the-art systems in our lineup. This can allow you to purchase the perfect system for your needs with the assistance of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members. By working with Air Burners directly, you can expand the options available to you while ensuring that you receive the best service and the most accurate information about all our systems and their capabilities.


Buying Direct Just Makes Sense

Air Burners offers the best solutions for eliminating woody and vegetation biomass left after storms or resulting from landscaping, agricultural and forestry activities. Green-friendly and practical, the Air Burners systems we manufacture and sell are the most practical and environmentally responsible way to manage vegetative waste. By working directly with us, you can enjoy the benefits of our experience and our proven knowledge of our systems while ensuring the greatest longevity for your system.


To learn more about how buying your Air Burners system from us can save you time, money and stress, visit us online or call us at 772-220-7303. Our team will provide you with the best service and support to help you choose the right Air Burners product for your needs.