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USDA Forest Service TECH TIPS: “The Use of Air Curtain Destructors for Fuel Reduction”

By Alan R. Schapiro, PE
Technology & Development Program
# 5100 0251 1317--SDTDC

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Reducing PM2.5 Emissions Through Technology – Results from a Recent Study Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Air Curtain Incinerator
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Air Curtain Burners: A Tool for Disposal of Forest Residues

Department of Forestry and Wildland Resources, Humboldt State University
Eunjai Lee and Dr. Han-Sup Han

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Comparison of Heat Transfer and Soil Impacts of Air Curtain Burner Burning and Slash Pile Burning
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Particulate and Carbon Monoxide Emissions from Air Burners Model S-327 (Formerly S-127)

By Fountainhead Engineering
December 2000

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Lockheed Martin Technology Services/REAC – US-EPA (ERT) EPA Region 2 & USACE “Ambient Air Monitoring and Sampling”

Air Burners S-327, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, 2005
(Restricted Data - 2005)

Emissions Report S-300 Series

BRE/DEFRA (UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

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Avian Influenza: Bird Carcass Disposal by Incineration

Technical Memorandum

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Emissions from the Burning of Vegetative Debris in Air Curtain Destructors

C. Andrew Miller, Paul M. Lemieux
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development

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A Practical Approach to the Burning of Beetle Infested Trees
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Woody Debris Disposal by Fire – Combustion Efficiency and Black Carbon

Why Air Curtain Burners should be used to help reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions.

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Fact Sheet: Wildfire Fuels Management and Slash Disposal by Air Burners FireBox
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Letter from Fountainhead Eng. Ltd. to State of Georgia of 12/2/2000 Addressing Particulate Matter (PM) FireBox Model S-327
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Los Alamos National Laboratory Hazard Control Plan HCP Number CGRP-00073-005,R3 for Air Burners, LLC Air Curtain Destructor (Airburner)

By Michael E. Dennis, LANL

NOTE to Report Above: The information contained in the entire cover page of this report released by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) must be included with any subsequent release of same and must accordingly be cited as the source of the report or the information contained therein.

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Los Alamos National Laboratory Air Curtain Destructor Record-Keeping and Reporting ESH-17-328, R0
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Los Alamos National Laboratory: A Curtain of Air Assists with Cerro Grande Rehabilitation Project

June 2003

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Air Burner Used for Wildfire Rehabilitation

Los Alamos National Laboratory Release
July 10, 2002

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Florida DEP Memo Allowing Use of Air Curtain Burners For Confiscated Drug Disposal
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SWINE CARCASS DISPOSAL EVALUATION Using Air Curtain Incinerator System, Model T-359 U.S. Department of Agriculture/Texas Animal Health Commission Cooperating
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