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Puchasing Air Burners Machines Made Simple for All Government Buyers

We know you must spend your agency’s money fairly and wisely. Should that not also include saving time, money, and red tape by doing away with the cumbersome bid process? 

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The BurnBoss® from Air Burners – 
The Best Tool for Small Scale Urban Wildland Interface Fuels Management

Forest Fires are part of Nature’s tools to maintain a healthy forest and the fires are even a necessity for certain species of trees to reproduce. They cannot be eliminated, but their devastating effects on the population can be mitigated or even eliminated. We must recognize that forest fires or bushfires did not get closer to people, rather people moved closer to where the wildfires occur.

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Air Curtain FireBoxes: The Perfect Tool for Woody Waterborne Debris Elimination

Hazardous Debris removal from waterways and shorelines poses an unusual challenge because accessibility is usually burdensome and special techniques may be required. First, the emphasis lies on hazardous debris that is waterborne, either floating or submerged or deposited on shore-lines. Learn more about how Air Burners can help clean up this woody waste. 

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Wood Chippers & Grinders vs Eco-Friendly On-Site Burners

Need to dispose of your wood waste? Don’t reach for that wood chipper or grinder just yet!

While chipping or grinding wood is a common way to dispose of wood waste, it isn’t exactly the most effective. And this is without mentioning its potential to cause significant environmental harm.

Instead, consider using a portable air curtain incinerator—such as those from Air Burners—to get the job done properly, and in a much more eco-friendly manner. Here are some ways air curtain burners are the superior investment for your wood waste disposal needs, compared to a wood chipper or grinder.

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5 Ways to Keep Emissions Down as the World Returns to Work

While recent world events have upended life as we know it, they have also resulted in an unexpected upside: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as economies were put on pause and people stopped commuting to work. But as the situation gradually stabilizes, the world is cautiously making plans to help people get back to work. While there are concerns that greenhouse gas emissions will accordingly rise back to their usual levels, this doesn’t have to happen—at least not when it comes to wood waste management, where our air curtain burners can play a role.

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