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Which Land Clearing Equipment is the Best, or is an Air Curtain Burner Machine Better?

When you have a piece of land that needs to be cleared of trees and brush, the first thing you probably think about is what kind of land clearing equipment you will need to buy or rent. Stumps may need a stump puller and a grinder. Dead trees may need a tree cutter. Ground cover may need a mower deck with cutter heads. And deadfall may need a forest bush hog, forest mower or brush mulcher. ​

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Power Your Job Site With an Electricity-Generating PGFireBox

Get the equipment that pays you back with a power generator PGFireBox® from Air Burners that both burns wood waste and creates electricity to use onsite.

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FAQ’s on Air Curtain Burners

Since the invention of fire, man has been using burning techniques to clean up his messes and to clear land for future productivity. More recently, technological advancements have transformed the arduous and ineffective process of burning slash piles, construction waste, yard waste, storm damage clean-up and more.

Taking this new technology and pairing it with a mobile burning system, the craftsmen at Air Burners, Inc.® manufacture a machine that can handle even the biggest waste wood clean-up jobs with ease. This technology, called Air Curtain Burners, has taken controlled burning to a new level. 

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The Savvy Buyer’s Guide to FireBox vs. Trench Burner

Downed tree limbs, dead standing trees, scraggly brush, old pallets, scrap lumber, tear-out walls or roofs, invasive plants and slash piles are all viable candidates for air curtain burning.

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Air Burners FireBoxes: An Essential Tool for Forest Fire Mitigation and Rehabilitation

Devastating Wildfires in California with more loss of life and treasure than ever before are capturing the news cycle. Whenever a shocking disaster occurs, voices can be heard that tend to place blame or lack of responsible action in one direction or another or express...

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